XANT is recognized as a leader in the G2 Sales Engagement Software Grid

Learn how XANT’s Playbooks™ stacks up to other leading sales engagement providers in this detailed report by G2—the world’s largest B2B software review platform. This head-to-head comparison is based on reviews from real customers.

XANT Playbooks ranks at the top of its category for sales engagement software

XANT was top-ranked by G2 in the following categories:

G2 Sales Best Relationship Summer 2020 badge
G2 Top 50 Sales Products in 2020 badge
G2 Sales Engagement Software Leader Summer 2020 badge

Playbooks is rated higher than Outreach and SalesLoft in 5 out of 7 categories:


What customers are saying about us on G2


“Playbooks is extremely easy to use and allows me to be more efficient day-to-day. From features as simple as prerecorded voicemail capabilities to mapping out calls based on analytics from ai with "neuralytics" playbooks has really enabled me to do my job better.”

“Being able to monitor calls and track my team’s activity quickly and easily, The ability to organize an easily executable sales cadence. The support team is extremely prompt to help with challenges.”

“The ability to customize your outreach patterns and content makes for easy A/B testing of cadence and messaging. Without XANT we never would have achieved the significant improvement rate we saw in such a short amount of time.”

“Bulk actions, templates, CRM integration, plays, and notifications of interactions. Easy contact and swift responses of the support team.”

“The tool is easy to use, easy to setup and administer and integrates well with salesforce to produce reliable reports.”

“I should also mention support is fantastic.”